Network Operations and Services

The Network Operations and Services group designs, installs, and operates the campus data network and related systems.  We provide connectivity throughout the campus, including within the Data Center, as well as to off-campus locations housing University departments. We also manage the interconnection between the campus and regional and national research networks as well as connectivity to the public Internet.  The NOS group works with other groups within the IST Telecommunications organization to provide end user connectivity and network services, including wifi and wired network connections.

Campus Wi-Fi 

Wi-Fi connectivity is available throughout most buildings on campus as well as in UC Berkeley-affiliated buildings located off-site.  

See a comparison of the different wi-fi options here.

Data Network Services

Data networking services to support the networking needs of your department and systems are listed below.   These can be ordered directly from the Telecom Catalog at:

Network Infrastructure Services Tools

Primary Contact

Isaac Orr

Manager, Network Operations and Services
2484 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94720-1640 sends e-mail)

Office: 510-643-9837 
Mobile: 510 517-9408